Hmmmm Leaving Indore Part - I

So the time has come for me to leave Indore and move on in life. Its been 10 years living, striving and kicking in Indore. Got my new job in Hyderabad and its only matter of time when I have to leave Indore and move to other city.

There would be lot of things which I am going to miss in Indore , but Food and language are the category which include all that void space which would be created. "Gurukripa" - the name will remind lots of thing in my memory and that of my juniors and seniors. Gaurav sir is in Europe and must be enjoying lots of tastier food and cuisines, but while talking to him one day he pooped up with a question : "SAP Singh you are lucky, enjoying Gurukripa Food in Indore !" such is the craze. Nothing extra ordinary for this food joint but still Food there is established in our mind. I remember Saurabh Singh's craze about"Chilly Paneer" and every now and then pursuing people to go with him.

There are lot of things to remember for Gurukripa:

1. If you are single and only boys forget about eating on saturday and sunday , waiting period is more than 2 3 hours.

2. If you are family forget about eating on saturday and sunday, waiting period is more than 1 hour.

3. You get good ambience and quick service.

4. Paneer dishes are the best and you wonder where these good paneer come from.

5. Always try Special at Gurukripa, they are worth eating and trying.

6. You can eat all the dishes of Gurukripa for only 3400 Rs. calculated by me and achal.

7. People eat more than usual at Gurukripa, coz they take lot of time finishing food.

All in all it was worth a thing in Indore and too go every time you reach Indore.