Ram Temple and Babri Masjid

To write about the most "controversial issue" of India. One must be intellectual like some secular people and reporters. Damn, why I see news channel and get myself pissed off by the reporting done by them. Well , happen to Buzz "Bachacha bachacha Ram ka, Janmabhoomi ke kaam ka" and got few responses from Rajesh ji and Sumit Soni. Rajesh ji asked about my view on the topic (God know if he was pulling my leg, his comment seems like one.) and I replied with some of my own created words and judgment. "Create a fence around the disputed ground and place a board "RELIGION IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR, TREAT IT LIKE TAKING A BATH IN SHOWER" !!!". 

Hmmm , so I treat Religion as private affair in India, Joke for people who are witnessing Ganesh Padals these days with Loudspeaker yelling on them "Yes! Ganesh Ji is here , where are you going .. deposit money here" . But you can't complain, its a long year. Finished with "Eid" now "Ganesh Puja" after that "Mata ka Pujan". There is lot of difference but same motive, to take the money out and organizer will prosper. I dream of starting my own political party some day and would add this as my core working functionality "RELIGION IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR". If at all I get famous and reporter asks me : What you think about Hindu, Muslim, Cristian , Sikhs? I would give a smile and say : Nice names , are these your son and daughter school name ? 

Lets go with Ram temple and Babri Masjid issue. That's a known fact; while Mughals were ruling India , they destroyed each and every Hindu temple that come acrossed and build Mosques. I know many would disagree , would like to suggest them "Come out of your History textbooks which you read during school, they were just piece of shit." and Read some good books with strong build. Even read "Baburnama", "Akbarnama", "Turk-e-Jahangiri" these are court books of various Mughal ruler. You can also go with travelers book who traveled the length and breath of India while Mughal rule. Now, before Independence maximum Hindu temples were rebuild along with Mosques or Mosques were grounded to make way for temple. For example Kashi Vishwanath was destroyed 4 Times and finally build in 1780. Of all these Mosques and Temple , only Babri Masjid was the one which was standing alone as Single mosque , although no prayer performed there by Muslims from 1938, it was abonded place and good site from "The Chair" ( Ghost serial on UTV Bindass), unfortunately VHP, BJP and Bajrang Dal thought of revival and demolished the Mosque and set up a Temple. If you go today, one can see a clear ground and a small temple in tent with much security for Ram Ji. There are lots of material being send from different parts of world for the temple building like Pillars, Stones, chowki, etc. The plan is to construct temple within 6 month if court orders in Temple favor (Where the hell is Kalmadi ?).

Now, after demolition all sorts of muslims and hindus come out raising there voice for and against each other. Hindus were equiped with the base that Ram Temple was there before Mosque and some grafting and pillar also suggest so. Muslims were not accepting this and said everyone had seen only Mosque and no evidence of Temple (All evidence were from British era, so they out rightly neglected them). There were time when it was a major issue and people took interest. Now its a Bored and Hyper topic, everyone is so busy in earning bread and butter that who the hell is interested instead of VHP and Babri Masjid Committee. Now BJP is also quiet.

Today the prospect of building anything will only trigger hatred and mass moment for news channel. Best thing is to delay the verdict or give some third party solution. Common Hindus are now enjoying the "Tolerant Phase" of Hinduism and is happy with their Local temple (There are so many other places of worship) and afterall we are Hindus and should give way to other most deprived community of India. Muslims have there own problem of existence and are busy defending that they are also part of this developing India and not only terror linked.

Don't see any major problem on 24th verdict except rural areas or UP and Bihar, where political motives are carried out with lot of ride and cry. I think the matter is even for both Muslims and Hindus, now its a plane ground and can be used as a barren land with no productivity.


I am obessed with Rahul Gandhi Now !!!

Again it happened, after a short vacation holidaying whatever he was up to "He is Back" ... yes Rahul Gandhi is back. Just a short lunch at my Home and I did a Mistake of opening the News channel (sometimes I wonder its better to watch saas bahu serials) , all the news channel are flashing the Kolkatta rally by Rahul Gandhi the "Yuvraj".

And again flashing news : Rahul was at shanti niketan and said "PM is not the only Job" and all news channel web site are flashing with these Golden Words. Waise some one told me, People like me should not watch news channel and its better to be watching other things and its seems like I may cut myself from News channel.

Forget about me lets talk about the One and Only Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He always provoke me to write something about him may be I am jealous or over reacting on him but why should I be jealous ?

1. Because he gets more publicity then me?
2. Beacuse he gets more girls, money and attention of media then me?
3. Because he never have to worry about the salary, house loan, car loan, tax returns, relatives ?
4. Or because he has to worry about more larger issues like India Economic Growth, Tribal welfare, Congress Revival in UP Bihar and Now WB?

There is no comparison between me and him, I earn he spends I pay he travels and I think but he don't Act. Got the answer I expect more from him that's why I feel Jealous :) I expect things out from him :

1. Stop traveling around India , The expenditure hurts common person and its useless deploying 50K to 60K police personal in your protection and something goes Boom like Pune Bomb Blast.
2. If you really want to be in news do something constructive unless you see dinning with village people as constructive.
3. Spend time in your constituency , see how bad things are there. Make sure children go to school, young people get work apart from taking 200Rs to participate in your rallies. People must get better health care in Government hospitals (Yes, there are Government hospitals and you MP's get free health in private hospitals.)
4. If you just spend some quality time in your constituency with good people I bet you can be the greatest PM India will have.
5. Policies made by NDA are also good even by CPI and some religional parties you need to think about India and the positive thing. Make your single aim of developing India in every front ; forget about the party politics.
6. You can do it Rahul and seriously I don't click and take autograph of even a single celebrity because I don't patronize them as anything apart from people having good skin. Moreover I feel like I got over with my DNA of slavery that took a major role while India was Ruled by Kings, Moguls, Britishers and then by Political parties.

There are so many things to say but as I am not good at English nor I am a regular Presswala to find out the truth very deep; it stops me in wasting my clients 25$ per hour. I am obessed with Sachin and also proud of it , but my obsession with you makes me sad.


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Thank God I m No DOCTOR

There was a time in my life when father took deep interest in me and my studies. The time was selecting Maths or Bio in 11th, as I was confused which subject to take ... I was self learner in Maths , and Bio was good because of my Drawing (atleast that I took as my Goodness at Bio). My most friends took Maths and none was there in Bio , so I made my mind to take Maths (Future would lead me to MCA ).

One day when this thing was going in my mind my father came to me and we had a healthy talk which rarely occurs. He told me his experience with Bio and what you can become and in comparison with Maths. Bio would lead me to Doctor and that's a very prestigious job, I respect you get in this profession is enormous and Everest height. Everyone whether its male female, young old , rich poor god dammit anyone will call you "DOCTOR SAHAB" , you will get a title both in front of your name and the back also. "DOCTOR" in front and "SAHAB" at back, he was true and he know it would be much for me to get motivated. Then come the reality part, the length of becoming Doctor. In India it would take atleast 7-8 years to become full functioning Doctor and considering the number of seats available at that time I really have to buckle my pants up and start with single aim to becoming Doctor. 8 years , that's the figure which made me go to Maths. And yesterday I got the other reason.

Doctors in Rajasthan gone for strike and thus leading to complete break down of medical facilities in some Government hospitals which also took 15 Deaths so far. Some family members of a patient had altercation with few doctors (normal in India, and Doctors know that) this took a ugly shape when police lathi charged the doctors and people to make things normal (normal in India, RAF does this best) No comes the Twist, Some doctors allegedly that police did a unfair thing to them by lathi charging Why ? Are they not involved in altercation ? are they some other people from Mars ? are they the responsible citizens and does there duty responsibly ? Why should they be left by police ? The answer is Because they are DOCTORS .....

So are these Doctors doing the right thing by going on strike and leading the death of 15 people. Come on, how Ir-responsible can a person be , just imagine the situation of the families in which those death occurred ? A person could have been the sole bread earner, can have been the only son , daughter ? Did any Doctor died of Lathi charged ? But yeah due to there negligence some Pity people died and 2 babies also. I was going through youtube and some links by doctors who were supporting this type of strike and were like shamelessly arguing about the point on which they are gone for strike. Okay who were beaten up by RAF and some Doctors got injured , don't you people have another way of registering your anger, why play with people's life . Just imagine one day tax payer stop paying tax , you Doctor's will have to shit in your pants for the money. Actually the problem is that Doctors know how to make impact and thus hey do so best by going on strike. If any of the striking Doctors relative would have gone dead due to there negligence ? NOOOO... then why common people ?

I wonder were is the human nature of these Doctor's have gone ? They complain about the working conditions , working hours , study pattern ... why complain when you have yourself chosen this profession. In the end I sum up my reason for not becoming Doctor.