Hmmmm Leaving Indore Part - I

So the time has come for me to leave Indore and move on in life. Its been 10 years living, striving and kicking in Indore. Got my new job in Hyderabad and its only matter of time when I have to leave Indore and move to other city.

There would be lot of things which I am going to miss in Indore , but Food and language are the category which include all that void space which would be created. "Gurukripa" - the name will remind lots of thing in my memory and that of my juniors and seniors. Gaurav sir is in Europe and must be enjoying lots of tastier food and cuisines, but while talking to him one day he pooped up with a question : "SAP Singh you are lucky, enjoying Gurukripa Food in Indore !" such is the craze. Nothing extra ordinary for this food joint but still Food there is established in our mind. I remember Saurabh Singh's craze about"Chilly Paneer" and every now and then pursuing people to go with him.

There are lot of things to remember for Gurukripa:

1. If you are single and only boys forget about eating on saturday and sunday , waiting period is more than 2 3 hours.

2. If you are family forget about eating on saturday and sunday, waiting period is more than 1 hour.

3. You get good ambience and quick service.

4. Paneer dishes are the best and you wonder where these good paneer come from.

5. Always try Special at Gurukripa, they are worth eating and trying.

6. You can eat all the dishes of Gurukripa for only 3400 Rs. calculated by me and achal.

7. People eat more than usual at Gurukripa, coz they take lot of time finishing food.

All in all it was worth a thing in Indore and too go every time you reach Indore.


Ram Temple and Babri Masjid

To write about the most "controversial issue" of India. One must be intellectual like some secular people and reporters. Damn, why I see news channel and get myself pissed off by the reporting done by them. Well , happen to Buzz "Bachacha bachacha Ram ka, Janmabhoomi ke kaam ka" and got few responses from Rajesh ji and Sumit Soni. Rajesh ji asked about my view on the topic (God know if he was pulling my leg, his comment seems like one.) and I replied with some of my own created words and judgment. "Create a fence around the disputed ground and place a board "RELIGION IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR, TREAT IT LIKE TAKING A BATH IN SHOWER" !!!". 

Hmmm , so I treat Religion as private affair in India, Joke for people who are witnessing Ganesh Padals these days with Loudspeaker yelling on them "Yes! Ganesh Ji is here , where are you going .. deposit money here" . But you can't complain, its a long year. Finished with "Eid" now "Ganesh Puja" after that "Mata ka Pujan". There is lot of difference but same motive, to take the money out and organizer will prosper. I dream of starting my own political party some day and would add this as my core working functionality "RELIGION IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR". If at all I get famous and reporter asks me : What you think about Hindu, Muslim, Cristian , Sikhs? I would give a smile and say : Nice names , are these your son and daughter school name ? 

Lets go with Ram temple and Babri Masjid issue. That's a known fact; while Mughals were ruling India , they destroyed each and every Hindu temple that come acrossed and build Mosques. I know many would disagree , would like to suggest them "Come out of your History textbooks which you read during school, they were just piece of shit." and Read some good books with strong build. Even read "Baburnama", "Akbarnama", "Turk-e-Jahangiri" these are court books of various Mughal ruler. You can also go with travelers book who traveled the length and breath of India while Mughal rule. Now, before Independence maximum Hindu temples were rebuild along with Mosques or Mosques were grounded to make way for temple. For example Kashi Vishwanath was destroyed 4 Times and finally build in 1780. Of all these Mosques and Temple , only Babri Masjid was the one which was standing alone as Single mosque , although no prayer performed there by Muslims from 1938, it was abonded place and good site from "The Chair" ( Ghost serial on UTV Bindass), unfortunately VHP, BJP and Bajrang Dal thought of revival and demolished the Mosque and set up a Temple. If you go today, one can see a clear ground and a small temple in tent with much security for Ram Ji. There are lots of material being send from different parts of world for the temple building like Pillars, Stones, chowki, etc. The plan is to construct temple within 6 month if court orders in Temple favor (Where the hell is Kalmadi ?).

Now, after demolition all sorts of muslims and hindus come out raising there voice for and against each other. Hindus were equiped with the base that Ram Temple was there before Mosque and some grafting and pillar also suggest so. Muslims were not accepting this and said everyone had seen only Mosque and no evidence of Temple (All evidence were from British era, so they out rightly neglected them). There were time when it was a major issue and people took interest. Now its a Bored and Hyper topic, everyone is so busy in earning bread and butter that who the hell is interested instead of VHP and Babri Masjid Committee. Now BJP is also quiet.

Today the prospect of building anything will only trigger hatred and mass moment for news channel. Best thing is to delay the verdict or give some third party solution. Common Hindus are now enjoying the "Tolerant Phase" of Hinduism and is happy with their Local temple (There are so many other places of worship) and afterall we are Hindus and should give way to other most deprived community of India. Muslims have there own problem of existence and are busy defending that they are also part of this developing India and not only terror linked.

Don't see any major problem on 24th verdict except rural areas or UP and Bihar, where political motives are carried out with lot of ride and cry. I think the matter is even for both Muslims and Hindus, now its a plane ground and can be used as a barren land with no productivity.


I am obessed with Rahul Gandhi Now !!!

Again it happened, after a short vacation holidaying whatever he was up to "He is Back" ... yes Rahul Gandhi is back. Just a short lunch at my Home and I did a Mistake of opening the News channel (sometimes I wonder its better to watch saas bahu serials) , all the news channel are flashing the Kolkatta rally by Rahul Gandhi the "Yuvraj".

And again flashing news : Rahul was at shanti niketan and said "PM is not the only Job" and all news channel web site are flashing with these Golden Words. Waise some one told me, People like me should not watch news channel and its better to be watching other things and its seems like I may cut myself from News channel.

Forget about me lets talk about the One and Only Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He always provoke me to write something about him may be I am jealous or over reacting on him but why should I be jealous ?

1. Because he gets more publicity then me?
2. Beacuse he gets more girls, money and attention of media then me?
3. Because he never have to worry about the salary, house loan, car loan, tax returns, relatives ?
4. Or because he has to worry about more larger issues like India Economic Growth, Tribal welfare, Congress Revival in UP Bihar and Now WB?

There is no comparison between me and him, I earn he spends I pay he travels and I think but he don't Act. Got the answer I expect more from him that's why I feel Jealous :) I expect things out from him :

1. Stop traveling around India , The expenditure hurts common person and its useless deploying 50K to 60K police personal in your protection and something goes Boom like Pune Bomb Blast.
2. If you really want to be in news do something constructive unless you see dinning with village people as constructive.
3. Spend time in your constituency , see how bad things are there. Make sure children go to school, young people get work apart from taking 200Rs to participate in your rallies. People must get better health care in Government hospitals (Yes, there are Government hospitals and you MP's get free health in private hospitals.)
4. If you just spend some quality time in your constituency with good people I bet you can be the greatest PM India will have.
5. Policies made by NDA are also good even by CPI and some religional parties you need to think about India and the positive thing. Make your single aim of developing India in every front ; forget about the party politics.
6. You can do it Rahul and seriously I don't click and take autograph of even a single celebrity because I don't patronize them as anything apart from people having good skin. Moreover I feel like I got over with my DNA of slavery that took a major role while India was Ruled by Kings, Moguls, Britishers and then by Political parties.

There are so many things to say but as I am not good at English nor I am a regular Presswala to find out the truth very deep; it stops me in wasting my clients 25$ per hour. I am obessed with Sachin and also proud of it , but my obsession with you makes me sad.


You can use oracle sleep command while writing stored procedure or bulk of Insert/Update/Delete.

SQL> execute sys.dbms_lock.sleep(5);

Before that please check the scheman permission on dbms_lock.sleep :

SQL> desc sys.dbms_lock;
If it throws error just grant permission to user by :
SQL> grant execute on sys.dbms_lock to (USER) ; 
Can also be granted to schema :


Thank God I m No DOCTOR

There was a time in my life when father took deep interest in me and my studies. The time was selecting Maths or Bio in 11th, as I was confused which subject to take ... I was self learner in Maths , and Bio was good because of my Drawing (atleast that I took as my Goodness at Bio). My most friends took Maths and none was there in Bio , so I made my mind to take Maths (Future would lead me to MCA ).

One day when this thing was going in my mind my father came to me and we had a healthy talk which rarely occurs. He told me his experience with Bio and what you can become and in comparison with Maths. Bio would lead me to Doctor and that's a very prestigious job, I respect you get in this profession is enormous and Everest height. Everyone whether its male female, young old , rich poor god dammit anyone will call you "DOCTOR SAHAB" , you will get a title both in front of your name and the back also. "DOCTOR" in front and "SAHAB" at back, he was true and he know it would be much for me to get motivated. Then come the reality part, the length of becoming Doctor. In India it would take atleast 7-8 years to become full functioning Doctor and considering the number of seats available at that time I really have to buckle my pants up and start with single aim to becoming Doctor. 8 years , that's the figure which made me go to Maths. And yesterday I got the other reason.

Doctors in Rajasthan gone for strike and thus leading to complete break down of medical facilities in some Government hospitals which also took 15 Deaths so far. Some family members of a patient had altercation with few doctors (normal in India, and Doctors know that) this took a ugly shape when police lathi charged the doctors and people to make things normal (normal in India, RAF does this best) No comes the Twist, Some doctors allegedly that police did a unfair thing to them by lathi charging Why ? Are they not involved in altercation ? are they some other people from Mars ? are they the responsible citizens and does there duty responsibly ? Why should they be left by police ? The answer is Because they are DOCTORS .....

So are these Doctors doing the right thing by going on strike and leading the death of 15 people. Come on, how Ir-responsible can a person be , just imagine the situation of the families in which those death occurred ? A person could have been the sole bread earner, can have been the only son , daughter ? Did any Doctor died of Lathi charged ? But yeah due to there negligence some Pity people died and 2 babies also. I was going through youtube and some links by doctors who were supporting this type of strike and were like shamelessly arguing about the point on which they are gone for strike. Okay who were beaten up by RAF and some Doctors got injured , don't you people have another way of registering your anger, why play with people's life . Just imagine one day tax payer stop paying tax , you Doctor's will have to shit in your pants for the money. Actually the problem is that Doctors know how to make impact and thus hey do so best by going on strike. If any of the striking Doctors relative would have gone dead due to there negligence ? NOOOO... then why common people ?

I wonder were is the human nature of these Doctor's have gone ? They complain about the working conditions , working hours , study pattern ... why complain when you have yourself chosen this profession. In the end I sum up my reason for not becoming Doctor.



Biased Media --- Rahul Vs RSS

Was watching several news channel yesterday and was thinking is this the media with free speech and free deliveries. Zee News, Star News , Aaj Tak , IBN7 Live even English one were seems to be biased for "Rahul Gandhi" ... Yes , he is back from don't know , some say UK some say FIJI .. But where ever he was he is back and went straight to "Leh" ... As we know Leh had suffered from worst ever Flood which took several life and injured most ...

Rahul was there to show how much hurt he is and visited several relief camps , meet with people and empathized with them ... as far as news channels are concerned its the biggest achievement of the day and for the "Leh" people. I simple failed to understand why this sort of news , whats the gain from this (except for Rahul) ?? Why media is so high on him .... lets do some soul searching ....

Even before Rahul went there and did nothing except smiling and waving and talking ... RSS people were the first one to reach there and instead of waving , smiling and talking they did a smart relief work even before any administrative officer can order so (They only order) . They set up the relief camps , started communication by calling technicians to support the BSNL Towers and Landlines , they even set up the Trust to look after the special needs of victims which ranged from food, medicine , shoes and warm clothes. One can easily search on net and find so; I have also searched and found much more ....

Its not that I am against Rahul or Media , but why this biases , media may cover RSS relief work or they are scared of being called "Hindutav" Supporter ?? I am searching for an answer .....


Himalayan Blunders - John Dalvi

Just finished "Himalayan Blunders" written by Brigadier John Dalvi. It was my first book on Indo-Sino War and I am thankful for orkut Non-Fiction community to suggest me for reading this book. Book was banned as soon as it got published and I know the reason after reading it. John was in charge of 7th Brigade who took the responsibility of Handling the Chinese crisis along the Tibetan border. The book is full of agony , frustration and anger which author experienced during those days.

He coined a term "Non - Violence war" given by the civil authority to him. "Higher Authority" which includes Prime Minister (Nehru) , Defence Minister (Menon) and General (Kaul) where the deciding one for the war. The book is divided into various part :

1. This part shows the Chinese aggression along the border of NEFA and Ladhak and how Nehru dismissed it as just a regular petrol done by Chinese. He carried along with the path of brotherhood and thus did some blundering mistakes like allowing senior generals from china to see all the establishment of Army along the NEFA. He also overlooked the requirement of Army for the arms and ammunition which lead army to use World War II arms against the Chinese. Kaul and Menon also overlooked the basic requirement which is needed to develop a strong front by India against China. Better roads , good clothing , arms and ammunition , better communication and co-ordination.

2. As Chinese were growing strong on NEFA front building better roads , better communication India were still in hope that Chinese will not attack India and thus Nehru pointed basic requirement as un necessary expenditure on part of Army. John further adds how Chinese slowly and slowly created a better fighting position and how Army were helpless despite of being sending continuous reminder to Higher Authority. In this part he also adds how Army generals were promoted to serve the interest of Nehru and Menon thus leaving a disarray in Army. Finally they were told to shift there bases from Punjab and Agra to NEFA as Chinese strike First on 15th sept. During 15th Sept and Till 10th Oct (day when Chinese finally attacked) there were no clear thoughts and chain of command. Nehru was on long trip to foreign land , Desai accompanying him , Menon was in New York and Kaul holidaying in Jammu. 7th Brigade was created during this period comprising of Rajputs , Sikhs and Punjabi's who had no knowledge of High altitude and Mountains. Gorkhas and Assam Regiment were ignored. 7th Brigade were told to shift there bases on Altitude which ranged from 10000 to 15000 Feet with no Roads and clothing they were just like a Police along the Border. For moving 2 Miles only it took days and every solider were supplied with a 40 Rounds of ammunition and basic clothing. There were no boots , gloves , kerosene , foods and medicine.

3. As they set up there bases along the borders, John quickly analyzed the preparation of Chinese and how they are planing a massive strike. He took a note of around 20,000 soldiers supported by good artillery and mortar regiment. He continuously sent a reminder about the poor preparation of Army against Chinese which felt on deaf people , he also added that it would be crime and murder of soldier to make them fight against this mighty Chinese. But Nehru and Menon insists that Chinese would not do anything and thus they should keep there present positions. Among all problems a major one was to keep Army in there present status by providing food , clothing , arms and shelter, which Civil authority ignored and thus keeping a 3000 soldiers in good condition was a challenge for John. He accounted that Air Force did very little to help the army and chosen dropping zone of Air Force took 2 3 days for them to collect things. The things dropped were of no use as only 20% of them could be collected and rest get lost in those chilling and windy conditions. John , recounted how Army was ignored and soldiers suffered pathetic condition with Brave Hearts.

4. After 10th October 1962 , everything changed Chinese finally attacked and killed Indian Soldiers who were short of Ammunition and communication. John , took some examples of the bravery shown by Sikhs , rajputs and Gorkhas. Along a Tsangle pass only 100 Rajputs controlled 2000 Chinese and made them run for there money , after 5th Attempt Chinese were able to overcome them as Rajputs were left with no ammunition to fight. Same were the story of Gorkhas and Sikhs who fought with waves of thousands of Chinese who attacked there post. One Chinese General Quoted after the War "Indian Army Need everything , Except Courage" ....

5. In Final chapter John , pin pointed the mistake done by Generals and Politicians who were responsible for the Death of some 2000 Soldiers along the Indo - Sino border. He also accounted that People of India were so ignorant about the tragedy and till now no one is blamed for this grave defeat which costs us loosing some 1200 miles of land to Chinese. He cited the example of random orders and poor infrastructure which could have been improved and arrogance of Nehru Menon made this defeat more painful. There were around 4 lakh soldiers in India and that point but only 3000 were trusted to defeat Chinese.

After "Love Story" this book made me cry with the plight of Army and condition in which our soldiers defended the border with all courage and bravery. It needs to be above Profession and Career to do something like this which we can only imagine. Wonder what takes these soldiers to give there life and protect us , as John summed up " The thought of Mother Nation, kept these Soldiers alive and fight"....

"Just a Plain Salute" .... Jai Hind


White Mughals - William Dalrymple continue

8. Foreigners so got involved in the culture of India that some of them dis obeyed the Raj from leaving India. Some even assumed themselves as the King or prince of the estate they are looking after for Raj.

9. Some of them married to Indian woman and thus gave the new lineage of "Anglo-Indians". These woman embedded some good qualities like taking bath regularly, washing hair with different item like henna or leaves of kesh nikhar.

10. The word "SOAP" comes from Sanskrit word used for "BODY MASSAGE".

11. Some of them even forgot their native language and started speaking Hindi and Persian fluently. Some even dressed like Kings and Princes. 12. So in other words , not only East but West also get effected by the richness of Indian Culture and Diversity.



Jangalnama: Travels in a Maoist Guerrilla Zone - Satnam

I have read another book on Maoist. The first one “Red Alert” and it was worth reading, you can find its review in my earlier post.
“Jangalnama” was written in Punjabi by a writer “Satnam”, I read the translated version of his more like a travelogue done by “Vishav Bharti”.  Writer spend around 2 months in the deep forest of “Bastar” , south west of “Bastar” – Dantewada and some parts of North West Andhra Pradesh eating , hiking , dancing , sleeping and guarding with the Maoists. Here I would like to add that we are talking about the guerillas and not the Maoists. Whole book revolve around “Jal, Jangal and Zameen”. Bastar is where cadres from the former People’s War Group (PWG), after facing reverses in adjoining Andhra Pradesh, first set up base in the 1980s. Those were hard times. Few tribals were ready to embrace outsiders.
Tribals owe most part of the jungle which are rich in minerals, forest products and thus get exploited a lot by government officials, police and contractors. A long period of oppression has given rise to Guerillas which now have created a system of self dependency in these tribal’s by constructing dams to store rain water; set up mango, guava and lime orchards; rice mills in several villages where grain can be husked at nominal rates. Tribals are provided basic education, and medicines that they have never got from the government and all this has done within the limit of tribal culture and dignity. Writer wants to create an impression that these tribal’s has their world of own and are not like what normal rural people in India are like. They eat beef pigs and insects, don’t practice agriculture on large scale, their culture and way of living are like pre historic times, they are neither Hindu nor Muslims or Christians.
As he was living in camp with them he explored their way of life style which is equivalent with that of Army system. Satnam meets a mixed band of young men and women committed to the cause of revolution. There are plenty of Gond tribals; there are those who speak Telugu, Bengali and Hindi. There is also a scientist and a doctor. But they lack in the quality of food and infrastructure. Most of the things are made from bamboo and the source of light is camp fire. There is no hierarchy, only one Leader managing 4 5 people. They are on constant travel throughout the Jungle which make them acquitted with the life and ways of Jungle which the security forces lack. The food is generally rice and its substitutes for them feast is Puri and beef.
When the guerrillas enter a village, the entire village turns up to welcome them and plies them with rice, vegetables and water. ‘When they set up camp, villagers take turns to carry out chores and take responsibilities.’ But ‘each guerrilla has only one set of uniform, which has to be washed, dried, and worn again’. They don’t camp in one spot more than one night. They drink water from the river. Diseases are a constant threat. They eat the tribal food. More than half the fighters are young women. ‘They love life, but they don’t care about death.’
The jungle life is hard and it takes tool of Tribal’s also. No one lives above 50 55 and the infant mortality rate is highest. Health care and medical units are what the guerrilla has set up and even the Farming along with irrigation facilities.
Writer also traveled some 100 to 200 Kms to explore some villages and all done with walking along Guerrilla’s. While travelling he meet with NMC (Natya Manch Committee) which is the cultural wing of Guerrilla’s which passes the message of hygiene, irrigation, farming , self dependency using songs and small skits.
Guerrilla’s has ended the reign of contractors who loot and cheat, and policemen who abuse. Today tribal women can walk in the forests alone. Starvation deaths do not take place in Maoist areas. Prostitution is passe; so are human sacrifices.
It’s been nine years when Satnam travelled and reached to all these conclusions, but reading this gives an account of the facts which are usually not shown in any newspaper or TV channels. If I go by the writer’s impressions I would vote for Guerrillas but that’s only one side of coin. I think one has to be there before passing or drawing any conclusion on Maoists or Guerrillas. Sitting in fancy drawing room listening to one part of story by TV channels and Newspaper is out of question and It points to me also.


White Mughals - William Dalrymple continue

6. Nizams of hyderabad were the richest of all .... they have Golconda Diamond Mines , before the discovery of African Diamond mines Golconda ones were the only available one.
7. Nizams have liking for the songs and dancers, at the time of this Love Story ... author notes there were about 20K courtesans for the service of Nizams.

continue .......


White Mughals - William Dalrymple

I have started reading this book , as the day passes I will keep on posting the points that I am collecting through this book.

1. Its William Dalrymple's Fifth Major book.
2. Is about the story of a love affair which saw a British dignitary, the East India Company resident of Hyderabad, Captain James Achilles Kirkpatrick, convert to Islam and marry Khair-un-Nissa, a Hyderabadi noblewoman of royal Persian descent.
3. Kahir-un-Nissa was "Sayeeda" - Considered to be the descendants of Prophet, thus they have to follow strict laws and are one of the purest of all women. They are even not allowed to talk and mingle with pregnant women as the child in their womb (which can be male) may corrupt them.
4. While searching for all the documents William happens to visit the National Library Delhi , where due to ill maintenance and silly mistakes by the care taker destroyed six hundred volume of a rare Persian language literature of Hyderabad court preceding.
5. Author describes how the west people from (Portugal, France, UK) get mixed with the local customs and life of India. They are more attracted towards the life style of keeping many slaves and performing blasphemy. This intermix also lead to people mixing Islam and Hindu culture.



‘कलयुग का रावण’

भोपाल गैस त्रासदी में कांग्रेस को जिम्मेदार ठहराने के लिए इंदौर के एक युवक राजेश बिड़कर ने अनूठा तरीका अपनाया। उसने हाल में रिलीज फिल्म ‘रावण’ से प्रेरित होकर मप्र के पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री अर्जुन सिंह को ‘कलयुग का रावण’ बताकर मंगलवार को शहर में अनेक स्थानों पर पोस्टर लगा दिए। पोस्टर में फिल्म की निर्माता कांग्रेस पार्टी, राजीव गांधी को संगीतकार और डायरेक्टर एंडरसन को बताया गया है।

- Dainik Bhaskar


Brazil Vs PKR

Brazil won but not that champions performance. Some points I noted :

1. Second half was played entirely in North Korea's area, they some how managed to take ball in Brazil's side only 9 times.
2. Brazil played 27 shots (converted 2 ) .... PKR played 7 shots (converted 1).
3. Only one Yellow card.... so both team played very neatly.
4. 2 Goals from Brazil and they were classic example of team work.
5. Whenever Brazil takes the ball in PKR "di" .... there were 11 PKR for the defence.

But my heart is beating for Germany (more now).


Lets seek an answer, Write anything that you have in your mind.

Please Write a Letter to Mr. Arjun Singh, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Smt. Sonia Gandhi (Any one of them) , If you are seeking answers to Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Please use speed Post and save the receipt. Tell as many people as you can through twitter, Orkut , facebook etc. I am trying to seek answer and create a mass movement. If you don't want (Money problem) or too lazy occupied in your daily work or think what difference it can make tell me your name I will post on your behalf.

Address of Mr. Arjun Singh:
17 Akbar Road,
New Delhi

Smt. Sonia Gandhi:
10, Janpath
New Delhi.
Email : soniagandhi@sansad.nic.in

Mr Rahul Gandhi:
12, Tughlak Lane,
New Delhi- 110 011.

Lets seek an answer, Write anything that you have in your mind.


Mail from Hamish - Author of "Polyster Prince"

Today I got a Mail from Hamish McDonald - Author of "Polyster Prince" , he is writing a new Book on same subject line and he wants me to hold the PDF distribution of his Earlier book which is banned in India.

Well a feel great to get a mail from such a imminent person. Here is the content.

Hi Guys,
I really appreciate your interest in my book, The Polyester Prince, but can't you reward a struggling author a bit? If you can wait until September 1, the new edition -- titled Mahabharata in Polyester -- is coming out here in Sydney from NewSouth Books, including all the early stuff about Dhirubhai and the recent feud between Mukesh and Anil.
If you want to get in touch I can send you a copy hot off the presses. It won't be free but it will be personally dedicated and I'll see what discount can be arranged.
Anant - hold the PDF!
Hamish McDonald 

Its a small mention but still love it :)


IIT JEE 2010 - A Salute to Bansal Sir and Super - 30

IIT JEE 2010 Result out , Worse for Bansal Classes - No one in Top 20 , Best Rank scored is 23 .... After a long Gap of 15 Years it Happened for Bansal Classes.

Narayana Hyderabad Got 6 in Top 10, Surprise for me not for VK Bansal Sir... this year IIT was conducted by IIT Madras.... As people of Kota says : When Madras conducts we look for quantity and no quality as they have negative outlook on Kota.

This year approx 5000 Students got selected from Kota coaching classes and that too Regular Class room programme.

What ever people says , I salute VK Bansal for Turning everything to gold in Kota.

My salute goes to Super - 30 also, Some people are here to change the lives of Poor and God must give them more power and strength.


GOTRA - As explained in "Smirithis", "Books" and "wiki"

After Reading a couple of books and wikipedia, this is what I have come across. I know it’s the Hot topic today and hence will help some of them also.

Origin of Gotra

Gotra could be one of the ancient 'Aryanized' Indian traditions. The gotra classification came into existence probably sometime during the Vedic period. 
The gotra system might have started originally among Brahmins as a system of classification and identification of various families and indicating common descent from a "RISHI". Rishi means a sage. The Vedas were revealed to them and the respective hymns stand in their names.

In Vedic Sanskrit, the word "gotra" originally meant "cow-pen." Cows were at the time the most valuable possession of a family group, so with time, the term "gotra" began to refer to the family group who owned a particular pen of cows. The term was associated eventually with just the family group and its lineage.

Classification Of Gotra

According to strict Hindu tradition, the term Gotra is used only for the lineages of Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya varnas.

Brahminical gotra are related to the Seven Rishis (Saptarshi) which are born sons of the creator Brahma. The ’Shatapatha Brahmana’ gives their names as:

  • Atri
  • Bharadwaja
  • Gautam
  • Jamadagni
  • Kashyapa
  • Vasishtha
  • Vishwamitra

Out of these seven rishis, Viaswamitra was basically a Kshatriya king, who chose and rose to become an ascetic rishi.

Over the years the number of gotras increased due to: 

·         Descendants of original rishi also started new family lineage or new gotras
·         By inter marriage with other sub-groups of the same caste, and 
·         Inspired by another rishi whose name they bear as their own Gotra.


PRAVARA  is a set of the greatest rishis who belonged to the gotra. Usually these are the founding fathers (and in a few cases, founding mothers) of the gotra. In vedic ritual, the importance of the pravara appears to be in its use by the ritualist for extolling his ancestry and proclaiming, "as a descendant of worthy ancestors, I am a fit and proper person to do the act I am performing."
The ‘Pravara’ identifies the association of a person with two, three (or sometimes five) of the above-mentioned rishis. It also signifies the ‘Sutras’ contributed to different Vedas by these rishis.

So The full affiliation of a brāhamana consists of:

·         gotra, 
·         sutra (of Kalpa), 
·         shakha, 
·         pravaras .

Marriages and gotras
In a patrilineal Hindu society (most common), the bride belongs to her father's gotra before the marriage, and to her husband's gotra after the marriage. The groom on the other hand only belongs to his father's gotra throughout his life.
Marriages within the gotra ('sagotra' marriages) are not permitted under the rule of exogamy in the traditional matrimonial system. 
Exogamy :
Exogamy has two related definitions, both biological and cultural. Biological exogamy is the mating of non related beings. Cultural exogamy is the marrying outside of a specific group.
In biology, exogamy more generally refers to the mating of individuals who are relatively less related genetically: that is, outbreeding as opposed to inbreeding. This benefits the offspring by avoiding the chance of the offspring inheriting two copies of a defective gene, and also by increasing the genetic diversity of the offspring, improving the chances that more of the offspring will have the required adaptations to survive.
People within the gotra are regarded as kin and marrying such a person would be thought of as incest. The Tamil words 'sagotharan' (brother) and 'sagothari' (sister) derive their roots from the word 'sagotra'. In communities where gotra membership passed from father to children, marriages were allowed between maternal uncle and niece, while such marriages were forbidden in matrilineal communities, like Malayalis and Tuluvas, where gotra membership was passed down from the mother.
Incest :
Incest is any sexual intercourse between close relatives irrespective of the ages of the participants and irrespective of their consent, that is illegal in the jurisdiction where it takes place, or socially taboo. The type of sexual activity and the nature of the relationship between people that constitutes a breach of law or social taboo vary with culture and jurisdiction. Some societies consider it to include only those who live in the same household, or who belong to the same clan or lineage; other societies consider it to include "blood relatives"; other societies further include those related by adoption or marriage.
South Indian Society:
A much more common characteristic of south Indian Hindu society is permission for marriage between cross-cousins (children of brother and sister). Thus, a man is allowed to marry his maternal uncle's daughter or his paternal aunt's daughter, but is not allowed to marry his father's brother's daughter. She would be considered a parallel cousin who is treated as a sister.
North Indian Society:
North Indian Hindu society not only follows the rules of gotra for marriages, but also had many regulations which went beyond the basic definition of gotra and had a broader definition of incestuousness. Some communities in North India do not allow marriage with some other communities on the lines that both the Communities are having brotherhood.


"A Wednesday"... for an IT

All of you who have seen the movie ‘Wednesday’... will love these rephrased Naseerudin Shah Dialogue’s...

Project Manager Rathore : kaun ho tum..??? kya pehcan hai tumhari ?

Unkonwn Caller : Kaun hoon mein...mein vo hu jo aaj committment karne se darta hai, Mein vo hoon jo aaj ghar jaane se darta ha, ye soch ke kahin ghar wale pehchanne se inkar na kar de...

mein vo hoon jo, aaj job change karta hai to sochta hai ki kahin recession mein mujhe company se na nikal de..

mein vo hoon jiski biwi usse friday ko dus bar phone karti hai, "kya kar rahe ho..?? kaam jyada hai..?? thak gaye ho..?? " mera haal poochne ke liye ya kaam poochne ke liye nahi, rathore saab... balki vo ye jaanaa chahti hai ki... kahin hamesha ki tarah end moment pe boss ke bulane pe mein saturdary ko bhi office to nahi ja raha...

mein vo hoon jo breakfast ke time pe dinner karta hai, lunch time pe breakfast karta hai, dinner ke time pe lunch karta hai.. vo bhi time mil jae to...

mein vo hoon jo aksar phasta hain kabhi Interviews ke sawaal mey phasta hai , kabhi Badi companiyon ke jaal mey phasta hai, kabhi boss aur client ke bawaal mey fasta hai.

Walk-In ki bheed to dekhi hogi aapne rathore saab... us bheed mein se koi bhi chehra chun lijie.. mein vo hoon..



12th May 2010 - Shocked and Surprised

Wednesday - Ganesh Ji ka Din .... Its the day when my Mom gets up at 4 in morning and along with Puneet's mom goes to "Khade Ganesh Ji" (Idol of Ganesh Ji is standing, a rare one) walking a distance of 4 Km. Well, a lot of words by father but mom's faith and bhakti takes a standing before all the arguments. Whatever, you call it but that's what I call a Faith in supreme power.

Well my day started on usual note and office was good, Deepesh Ji got his loan and may god help him a lot and frequently. A meeting in office and I decided to have my lunch in office only. Asked Deepesh Ji about pen drive and he told me can get it here in Office only, he called one Bhaiya and within an hour I was having a Pen drive in my hand. Oh ! My software engineer, the laziest of all ... need things at doorstep and in hand. Before going in this category I rarely had done anything like that, but now I want everything on Net or at a Phone call.

Read an article about Rahul Baba visiting a CRPF personal home after he got killed in Dantewada, He was surprised to know that his family didn't got any compensation. Why the hell is he shocked or surprised I am not and I believe no one. Dear Rahul, it happens and it always happens if you would have known. Everything is not at all good , when government announces the scheme or compensation it reaches to family but not the one needing it but the corrupt politicians and sarkari babus. Take a look at a question raised by Ananth Kumar in Lok Sabha , that why till date only 143 people have got compensation out of 403 people eligible for that, pity the government blamed the opposition for politicizing the issue and rejected the question and would not answer that. Why Rahul Baba didn't got surprised then, Oh ! sorry he would now go to each and every family ask them personally and then will get shocks and hey a dineer or lunch too. Yesterday Government declared that Kasab would be hanged at the end of this year, Hey what about Afzal Guru our distinguished Guest would he continue to get special privileges.

I really want to take a survey how many of the total politicians and IAS officers son's or daughter's are there in army ????

Hmmm, way to home and its all blocked up another traffic jam. I was there few distance from my house but can't reach there. Stuck up in terrible traffic that too about 15 min, jams are more because of driving skills that these auto walas and bus drivers show rather then any accident or something like that. Traffic rules are only when Traffic Police man wants to have something from your pocket. I bet this thing will continue, we talk about modern era, go for ravishing parties invest in mutual funds and talk about the economic growths, send our children to US and UK but lack in civil sense. During this uncle next to me got hit by a speeding indica and that too from wrong side, well uncle and driver had an argument and finally uncle slapped that person. Game finish another jam in between a jam.

Some how reached home and then it was almost a time to attend a marriage ceremony of Jyoti. Well reached there at 10, avoided going by my bike and instead took a cab. All the way roads were either dug up or not present at all. Its been 3 years and little of BRTC work, all the tax payers money gone in kitty of these corrupt PWD ones or IDA or Politicians, wonder my tax supported so many people. Nice to see some really good arrangements and lot to eat. Finally meet the bride and wished her luck. Was home by 12 and then some packing time. Will be in Kota for 3 days so on monday there would be lot to write.



So talked lot in previous post and will carry same in this post also. Morning started with No Power again and it would be hell of a day for Poonam if something like Sunday happened. I have office and an AC waiting for me :). Hopefully Poonam's prayer got answered, no more bashing of electricity person. Its thoughtful how these electricity guys live with all these bad words and bashing all the time by people. My day in Office was good and we did some Google code jam brain washing. For me it was washing and for Deepesh Ji and Prakhar Sir it was storming.

11th May 2010 is the D Day for Anand and Indian Cricket Team and my bet is on Anand and surely he delivered with a great win on Topolov, What a win and real player he is. Dhoni's Team did what a pathetic looking team would do , Kya Bakwas performance !! They were 95-2 in 10 overs and ended with 164-5 in 20 overs. Was watching first 5 overs and Ravi Shastri did some slamming for Gambhir who was looking to lazy for the D Day performance. Wonder where Shastri went after that comment, he didn't did commentary after that nor was at the presentation ceremony. Some of his words for Gambhir : " This is a Test Match or what?", "You call this a world class batsmen performance", "Even in gully cricket, batsmen put his bat down" "This is one pathetic performance". In the end Indian lost and Dhoni blamed IPL , IPL after match parties. This is the same Dhoni who at the start of T20 said "IPL helped us in keeping fit and blaming IPL for anything is not good". In an Interview Ian Bishop said : "This is a spineless performance by Indian Team". Lot to hear and less to react. In contrast their is one Anand, who after 40 hour of road journey got only one day of rest and Showed his class to the world. Hockey Team beat the world champion Australia 4 -3 . Salute to all these performance and Shame on Dhoni.

Was reading an article about the ban on cotton export by government to help the Indian Textile Businessman. This government who started NREGA, Food Secuirty Bill to protect the poor and farmers is just can't ignore the big businessman. A ban on cotton export would lead to less competition and as a result farmers would get less price for their cotton. Our cotton farmers have proved competitive in the international market.Add to this the pathetic state of rural infrastructure in India and the accomplishment of Indian farmers seems even more remarkable. Instead of encouraging them by building much-needed infrastructure and by facilitating exports and relieving their long felt distress, the government has decided to ban their exports. The decision both damaged India’s image as a reliable exporter and has triggered a downward spiral in domestic prices. 

So Rahul again visted some home in Amethi and this time its "Bill Gates" with him. I am really confused what's the agenda of Rahul is , every time he visits some one he get company mainly the foreign Ministers or Big Giant Businessman with him. Is he show casing the plight of Rural Indian or trying hard to tell everyone , see how distress we are and need money to grow. Need a long talk with Rahul, see buddy you are not doing anything great and its just making me feel down more and more. Just clicked my kind, we are in process of "POOR-TOURISM" ... yes , that's the best way we can make out from all this. And there slogan will also become true "CONGRESS KA HATH GARIBO KE SATH"....


10th May 2010 - "Khap, Celebrity and 1800 110 111"

Monday Blues - well it started and wonder is this only a song or now a word for every software personal ? During school times one day of leave and we would be inching to go to school, why this doesn't happen in Job. Although I feel less of it but not more then school time, but the question remained unanswered ? Can a Job bring same happiness as school did or we know it would never ?

Day started with a call from father, he is still is pursuit of good stereo for his car and finally I told that will go for it once I am in Kota. He needs assurance and I know that very well, just some one to tell that I will take care of it you don't worry and he is care free which takes out most good in him. Office was good, worked on my memcache thing and it turned out to be good at the end of the day. Need to start a SIP and looking for the good one , already had Franklin and Sundram.

Back to home was normal , visited Doctor and then little shopping of essential things. Poonam said she would go for hair straightening in noon, but I don't see any changes and my bad I asked what happened ... she told me that the beauticians asked 7000 instead of 700 as decided earlier. Hair straightening in 700, I said that's impossible and if it would have been that cheap every gal would have done it, after all it looks great on most girl. Some girls do need them at least when there faces are not that adorable. Poonam ticked to her point with me and I guessed with beautician also that it was 700 and in the end she is back home, fuming and taking her heart out at the beautician. Then come the questioning round , how you know that.. mom never did straightening , sisters didn't how come you know ? Well isn't that logical ... right ? But then it's better to be shut up when wife is angry !

After all this she went to talk at her home, It means I would get to see TV for 1 hur straight may be more and second that it would be a long list of talking after that with me also. Watched some news channel which were filled with Khap panchayat diktat , Naveen Jindal supporting them, Jairam Ramesh did Tharoor way, Clinton and Pak had some bad relations to call after Time square bomb, Nirupama Death and bad performance of Indian Cricket Team.

Well to look into deep about Khap panchayat , its a gathering of people belonging to same "Gotra's" or interlinked "Gotra's" which in turn comes out to be around 80 to 100 Villages in Haryana, Rajasthan and UP. These Khaps are very ancient and find there mention in "Rig Ved". The main purpose of this Khap were to settle dispute which occurs commonly like "Farming related", "Irrigation" and also "Marrige" one. This time they are in news for opposing same "GOTRA" Marriage and thus subsequently "Honour" Killing of the couple. Well, above all they are proposing amendment in Hindu Marrige Act, which will make marriage ill legal if done in same "Gotra" as Arnab Goswami said its a Taliban like diktat, wonder what he would call other diktat which are passed by them , which include compulsory girl's education and supporting the girl child from education to marriage for reducing the Girl child from being killed. Jindal did his work by supporting them and this doesn't come good in terms of so called intellectual people, who view world from single window frame. I support some points of Khap but doesn't go with the Killing and burning of houses. Government of India, made these Khap leagal by calling them Panachayats, but the funtioning remains the same, they are right in there views about same "Gotra" marriage and people opposing them have hardly experinced these things in Life and are not related in any sort with them. You can talk about liberal talibans but not liberal khaps because they work as unit and know whats right and wrong. Well to look at broader if it all people gets benefited from same "Gotra" marriage are few couples who are madly in love and don't care about family and society. So is it beneficial for government to act for these few people and angry a larger sections of people. In my views, this can be worked out like simply telling the khaps, if at all this incident occurs try to solve them peacefully. This is very dangerous for government either way and ultimately it would be one of the unsolved problems which India will carry forward.

Talking about Cricket, Umar Akmal got his true color on Lips a "Green Balm" and that too very thick. It was yupes and Poonam said either he is blind or treat himself as super cool, I agree ... but then its some sort of lucky color for him as Pakistan was through the semi finals and we would be atleast seeing the same in next match also.

Some Ministers can't take them out of lime light , Tharoor paid for this and now its time for Jairam Ramesh. He is Btech from IIT-B and good educated person with lots of degree in his kitty to display but that doesn't mean he is good at keeping mum on several occasions. He is being in controversy a number of times and this time calling the MEA policy is all against china and Chinese companies. Did he got some money from them to speak like this or he wants a seat in MEA after Tharoor as he is bored criticizing NHA and supporting Bt Brinjal.Why can't these people simply work and show some good work to Indian people. He should always remenber that Chinese policy towards India is not at all good for us to respond back in good behavior, he must have forgotten China war which we lost badly and paying the price till then. Or he wants to be another "Krishnan Menon". Celebrities needs to be in limelight otherwise whats there point of being getting unnoticed. If people start ignoring them and no more host talk about them. Just imagine the feeling they would go through. My way of protesting is same "IGNORE", I and Achal don't see Salman Khan's movies , its our way of protesting. Stop watching cricket , players will automatically play well. Its like : "Apka kya hoga janabe aali". By the way , India beat Australia in Hockey a small news ticker shown that's all.

Watched "LapataGanj", and this time the topic was "Recession" and good to see some happy ending. Remembered the dialogue in that : " Sarkar ka kaam hai naukri aur jeevan banana, anjaane mein hi sahi karke dekhiye bahut sukun aur mazaa hai". God knows this work for hard core business entities or not but I think companies lacks proper vision and future planning. Was going through one blog long time ago , the person suggested that people who wants to do something for country should instead of joining IAS or Politics, Become entrepreneur and should generate "Jobs". Good point !

India is being counted and if by any chance you get missed, Just call this helpline number : 1800 110 111 or mail at : rgoffice.rgi@nic.in


7th, 8th and 9th May 2010 - India Lost as usual

One thing is clear, Indian Players don't learn from there mistakes and that they hardly care about Indian people sentiments. If that would have been in India then they must have known what it costs to play with the emotions of hundreds and thousands of peoples.

Friday started with a talk on phone and bhai was feeling much better after his dental surgery and its OOQA time for Block and Warn release, Got some new things to do and currently busy in that. Way to home for a match between Australia and India and my guts feeling was right on spot , India lost badly and with out any thing on face of MS Dhoni , captain cool is not at all cool. I wonder if there was accountability of this performance what he is going to say and tell. Short ball is haunting them since last year T20 , but I can understand there situation well as batsmen can't practice short balls , Indian bowlers don't known the spelling of short ball how will they pitch one. Its irritating to see but then it doesn't affected much on me Sachin not playing and watching India play without Sachin and that too losing is emotional but not killing one. Some time words can't tell you inner frustation and I think its waste to write anything for Dhoni team and make my blog look "Chavvani".

Early morning Saturday and went to IIPS to deposit Vibhu's form and its Good to see some good crowd in IIPS as usual we are the best in Indore for that. Student still follow IIPS and that because of good placement and nothing else. Some peculiar courses and good track record , forget about faculty who wants them. Got the roll number and test center, now my part is done and it would be for Vibhu to perform well unless no help can be done. Day was boring and we decided to roam in evening , father called and asked about the stereo system for car. So Poonam and I decided to go and ask about the prices, nothing much come out in price difference and I think its wise to get it done in Kota itself. Then we went to central mall and as my history says whenever I went there we did some shopping and my wallet will be less by 3k or 4k and sure it did this time also. But then its worth , got some stuff for parents and a present for Mom on Mother's day. Finally Poonam did find some good stuff there. Way to home after much decision about the food we decided to eat some outside and its South Indian food I preferred for her and me also. Finally at home and good night sleep.

Hell of Sunday started with power down for 8 hours, it started at 7 in morning. But then have to go subh labh valley for the small party and gathering. Passed some time there and after reaching home tried to have some sleep but end up in talking with Poonam and would like to know how much she had in store for each and every topic unless its not technical , but then who wants to talk on that ? Sunday ended with planning to attend a friend's wedding party on 12th May. Monday would be the start.

Nothing worth reading in paper for these 3 days , so no topic initiated.


6th May 2010 - JEE class 1999

So Thursday is here and one day more for weekend, You can always guess from the people around you and office behaviors that weekends are approaching. Well my day started with a news that my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are not visiting us in June as the BEd paper for which my sister-in-law was preparing got leaked and new date are shifted in June. So all the plans of Poonam got washed away like dirt on floor after washing. That's finally UP is all about, after so many years BEd paper was held and that too got leaked... UP schools currently need thousands of teachers, professors and lecturers and they are just not the keeping the pace. Paper got leaked from within the Lucknow university who was conducting the paper and as the people were telling it was out in market at the price rate of 10Rs. Imagine the worth and scale at which it got leaked, when Police raided one Photo Stat shop it got 6000 Copies of it. Its a passion for rural India to get a government job and that too teacher is worth trying a luck. A primary school teacher gets 16000 per month plus perks like traveling and lodging which comes out to be 20000 in hand and a huge benefit of being a government employee. Places like UP and Bihar were people don't get the luxury of having a private job its the easier to get and enjoy. Schools are often emptied with no teachers and if at all its running then the state of education is worst of all. Master Ji sleeps and students play , I guess lot of UP players are good in sports but then they are lot from government ones ? Sports Ministry should look into it.

As Students in Kota, whatever his/her level is its compulsory for them to apear in JEE same way its for BEd exam in UP and Bihar, its true when you call that its the life line for them. Moving towards the normal life of mine, office was cool and work is not much apart for some research here and there and reading blogs of people done some good work. Finally, downloaded the IIPS form for Vibhu and hope he would do some good in this exam , waise the chances are remote. Talked with mausi and she was not happy with Vibhu's performance. Result from VIT also increased her tension , Vibhu got some 1lac 35 thousand rank and increased his performance by 5 times, earlier he got 27 thousand rank. Wonder where the passion to excel and get some good rank and university comes from in student. I have seen some real hardworking students and some brainy ones also, feel myself lucky to be part of that class where from 45 students 27 got selected in JEE. Chill, I was among the 8 students :). I still remember my physics teacher's comment , It all happened that during his class only few of them were present as most of them were preparing for JEE and took less interest in attending school classes for physics. All of them feel more intellectual and better prepared then Bhatnagar sir and to some extent that was true also. As the class got some momentum Sharad Jain , one of my class mate pointed out some mistake done by sir and thus he got irritated and in full wave of his emotions he declared that if anyone from this class gets selected in JEE he would leave teaching. Sharad got 112 rank in JEE and one Akash got 23 Rank in JEE and also 92% in 12th board exam in 1999 Year. Bhatnagar sir never left teaching and I wonder was it justice from his part to challenge students like that.

Well way to home was good and watched Engalnd beating Pakistan comfortable in super -eight match. Got a call from my subh labh valley where my flat is there for the sunday get together. hmmm, good one atleast will get to know some one. Rest was in peace and lot of work for Friday.


5th May 2010 - Just a SCHEME

May the 5th ... someone's birthday and I really forgot who's day it is , anyway not very close I guess . But still happy birthday from my side and just enjoy. Day started late, feeling ultra sleepy and way for office was like sleepy sleepy and god no electricity in Office means NO AC. It was so hot here that feel like I am in furnace, office boy did his best but result was 0. Its the idea of office without proper ventilation that kicks up, I have no AC in my house and just a little cooler but there I survive but in office it doesn't help without AC , why so ?

Well after lunch it was cool and AC working, so no more issues about working in office without AC , started looking for some performance booster for PSMI and also reading something new for knowledge base. Browsed Khamba and new article was good one , he had created a new super hero "THAROORMAN" and its really funny one. Sachin is on twitter and pity I am not his follower even not on twitter. My office blocked twitter, although we had a poll in office about the social networking site that popular and all of them blocked, guess whats on there mind while asking such questions? Well you can hardly guess whats on the mind of people , some people say that can read a person's mind and can tell what he is going to do. Would suggest them to help themselves by telling whats on the mind of his family and enemies. Public display of such thought can lead to kidnapping by terrorists and naxals.

Reached home and after a brief talk to Poonam, called bhai. He had his tooth operated and just inquired about his health. couldn't talk much so switched to Mom and talked with her, she was down with headache. Read some article in newspaper that around 500 Public programs are named after "GANDHI and NEHRU" , no surprise ! I can bet after 20 30 years after number of programs will be directly proportional with the number of poor people in India. The word here is "IMPLEMENTATION" , we had a good one called "NREGA" and this one is fully automated , you can go and see the site of NREGA and one can notice the words like Microsoft and Reporting tools, well yes the government pays crore to Microsft to run there NREGA electronically. When with due respect to Microsoft, that can be done at very less cost using Open source. This one is just one example, but who cares .. just name a scheme allot some money make channels and rest in peace , No implementations , No monitoring , No success failure reports. Just a "SCHEME"....


4th May 2010 - Slow

A day after Monday, Tuesday is like routine work and life , it passes like wave with lots of water and little to breath. Day started on good note, Mom called early in morning and thus told her that coming on 13th night only. She was over joyed and I like that...

Office was good and some short discussions here and there, Prakhar sir was frustrated and he wants some work to do. His frustration is out and had several reasons . working on something that he knows is not worth and no one is listening to him. Don't know what the solutions are and what improvement are needed to be done. But I think a major thinking is needed for everyone speacially the top management.

Tuesday as I said is slow and nothing worth happened to write, even the newspaper was slow and that's why this post of mine is also slow. Waise it was good that sometimes your thoughts get a break and mind get peace.


3rd May 2010 - Gain from Grains

After a lot of reading and a bakwas movie, Office is on my mind .. Weather is pleasant and it seems that rain is on the card and it will be cool after that. But to tell you, this time of rain is not good ... you will get relief from hot weather but not good for farmers as mostly its harvesting time and grains are out in open, I think on Thursday or Friday only I have read in "Dainik Bhaskar" that some 1 crore tonne of grains are out in open in MP as the warehouses are full to capacity.

Rajesh sir is there before me in office and it means that I am late and sir reached early. He's waiting to comment me on my post about "Rehman" and he did that in style, as usual not able to speak my long battle of self speaking is still there so I just listened to him. He's whole conversation resulted in two points:

1. Why we depict India as "Mother" ??
2. Its kiddish when people join defence services for the sake of "Mother India" ? It should be "Way of Life" or "Career Goal" .

Both these points left all my day thinking and thinking....would like to answer that but before that I have put the questions before some forums and for you people to say something "For or Against" ...

Office was cool started my PSMI back. Nothing much happened in Office and just a routine work and people. Way to office was good, feel like going for Long drive and remembered my old days of college when it was just some one to say and we were all driving to Khandwa road, that was the time when we had limited resources. Parihar's Bajaj scooter, Argals' Hero puch and Vineet's splendour. Sometimes even madoo the lazy one also join's us and then we had Gupta ever enthusiastic. Home was good we watched Indian Idol , some real talent out there I must say. After dineer a long walk and again the rural India topic emerged with Poonam, Its so wining for her to know a topic in which we had all to say and I had lot to hear :)

First rain of the season is here and my mind just reasoned the stock pile out there in open for rain to conquer them. Mis Managment is all and Poonam told me its hard for farmers to stock pile there grains in warehouse because of the rate. Government warehouses are hell and the private charges more, so they leave with no choices but to just get ride of them at the lowest of prices and them comes the middle man to "Gain from Grains"....


30 - 1 and 2nd - India Won and Enters Super Six

Another long weekend yet to arrive and Friday somewhat gave a Glimpse of that weekend, Morning was usual and on MTV watched my favorite song after a very long time "Tujhe Dekha to ye jana sanam" , this song has something in it ... DDLJ got released when I was in 9th and watched it with my family , liked it very much and enjoyed also. Its hard for me to remember what I liked in that movie but it stills remain my best of all movies...

Office was cool, routed my appraisal form with lots of things written and spoken ... hope this appraisal brings something new for me , last 2 ones where hell ... and this one is big on expectations , after 4 years of work and some increment ( :( ) I think can make some expectations from this one. Is that what I expect from my appraisal , only money or something else ?... well, haven't heard of anything else and money is what most people seek and I don't want to be an exception in telling through my blog and people that yes "Appraisal is something else rather than money !" .. After lunch it was like party time with deepak sir and yuvraj went for long drive with some vodka and snacks , a small ruined building and three people high on vodka ... what you can expect the topic would be ?? It started with analyzing that building , what Indore would have been 200 years back , I started my experience with "My Home" and ended with going to office back. Deepak sir took us to a institution on the 0 floor of Onam Plaza and to tell it just changed a lot , some good girls as receptionist who's knowledge about institution took back seat rather than show casing the style and beauty they have .. Good for some students you can start there day with some pretty good faces ...

Way to home and Poonam was feeling well after day full of headache, talked with mom and so going Home one day earlier 13th may ... was watching Dance India Dance little champ and saw some really good performance by children, wonder what the hell I was doing when I was of that age , playing with books and maths :). Saw one performance by a Child who's parents were laborer and he danced like anything although he missed rhythm and beat but good with energy and acrobatics. So finally DID got the emotional touch with all the judges crying. A thought come to my mind how the overall picture of Indian Television has changed with all these reality shows and serials coming up , The most positive thing I can think is they are giving opportunity to lots of people and employment also, I have read an article about this positivity that a small time TV serial actor gets 25K to 30K per serial pay and a normal makeup man ends up with 3K to 4K per day in one studio. So a employment generated emotional atyachar :)

Now that after a good dinner Poonam is asleep and she needs that sound sleep after we had an useless argument about the UP and Punjab farmers and who rich they are and should be taxed. I know my knowledge about farmers is very limited beside having 5 6 tours to my village in entire 28 years of birth. Poonam knows more than me , she use to handle her farms and knows from sewing to harvesting and how to handle the farm labourer,  as my father-in-law being a branch manager in Varanasi head office is always out of touch from these things. Poonam explained me how we can't tax rich farmers as the income is not monthly and continuous and that how the farm laborer are difficult to handle as there always a chance of them running to other states for better income. Moreover , who deep the corruption is in local bodies of government and since its rural India , caste plays a major role in everything you tries to do . Education is nominal in rural India and the quality is just shit. Poonam told me how every year when a government gets changed the syllabus also gets changed and the pattern of copy checking and even the cheating styles also. During BJP kalyan Singh , the rules where strict and merit list was tough and hell of competitions .. SP changed it and made a point that every child gets a passing marks for that he passed the rule that in same school children can give there board exams. For BSP it was always caste , Mayawati changed the policy by not passing school children of private one and giving merits to dalit children and schools. Yes, in public schools also she separated the classes of dalits. So I finally expected by defeat about the rural India Knowledge and started my Indian express reading. An article about Amar Singh and his whereabouts after quitting SP took my attention. He was active in his own way , taking rallies in Uttrakhand with Sanjay Dutt and explaining people that he is Upper caste Kshatriya and believes that UP needs a Muslim Chief Minister ? What the hell is he trying to do , create a consigns between muslims and kshatriya or trying to tell : He's blood is still human. During a public speaking he told how his Son like Sanjay got framed and tortured by fellow radicals !!! Now that's a big joke what about the torture he does on us while doing that Pepsi ad wearing his best costume.

Saturday started good and we planned to go outside and have a break in our long boring life, at least Poonam thinks so !!! So we are here in TI, hell why I am also here for outing , so the Plan was to watch "Housefull" , Hey bhagwan ye humne kya kaar diya , kya bakwas movie hai !!! I think its better not to write anything and its my silent protest for that movie. It would have been better at home and watching Afghanistan Vs India T20 match, but fate has this in store for me. After returning we watched TV and this time we thought of seeing that Teleshoping ads going on various channels. Some were offering you Cash awards , some a lighted bangles to keep that "Buri Nazaar" away from you and family , some were removing dents in cars. The most happening was winning a 75K cash for guessing an actress, I must have not imagined how dumb people are and who poeple behind that screen cashes that, a picture of priyanka chopra and all the Telephone calls christened her with different bollywood actress. Well the idea was good 12rs/min call charge and they are earning right ?

Sunday started with BreadRolls, my favorite breakfast and some good articles in Paper , a Guest editor questioned about the alleged link between the IPL's and Government Minister, time to grow up man ... its gone search for something else .. Media needs new things and so does the people. Its ironic that it took 1 hour for arranging an Air India plane for IPL Team and it took 13 hours for a Commando's to reach mumbai from Delhi on 26/11 . Well who thinks about that we need something new everyday . Have we become spineless ?? Evening was good went to Khajrana mandir and some moments with God doesn't harm it soothes inner me and gives a break for thoughts and problems !!!


29th April 2010 - REHMAN WORKS FOR FREE

Thursday .... You feel like weekend started already and Friday is just like a formality for you , So my quest of writing something and taking out my inner self has gone at good reviews and some little crirticisms , some people are listening and some are not. But I should and have to write....

Day started as usual, office was cool and summer is at its peak in Indore ... Water crisis started in Indore and a wait for good rain is in everyone's eye specially Pranab and Montek , good some fluent word and I would be master of writing , Yesterday gone through one of the blog http://khamba.blogspot.com/ and believe me it was worth reading , The person has shown his ability to write good things and on every topic , its hard to predict whether he is RIGHT or LEFT or CONGRESS one. Well I really believe CONGRESS is neither one of them ...It has its own ideology and that's by hook or crook remain in Power and think about "AAM AADMI" , so the topic is am I that "AAM AADMI" ... well I am not I am "KHAS AADMI" , I am the one on who's money these IAS, IPS and politicians servives and Rahul gandhi makes his dozen trips across India claming to be the most intellectual and the savior of India. I remember in one of his visits to JNU , students literally took his ass in hand and then he has to submit that JNU is more lefteist , well thats true but is this the answer...while giving his views in one of the school of Bangalore about what India would achieve through NPT and IAEA and class 10th student asked him the full form of IAEA , as expected Rahul said "Sorry I don't know that" ... I must say he has guts to accept that , or otherwise what he can do or say !!!

Some compilation issues were there is DB for dev and some who managed to predict that, Deepesh Ji was not well and Prakhar sir was free ... Coming the things up , everyone is in its own world and frustrated with the things going around them. Way to go Home , a visit to Doctor and some fruits vegetables shopping ... Poonam was not feeling well so I advised her to take rest , and then its my turn in kitchen ... well, I am not that good great cook ... some tips from masand sir and natoo that's all I know about kitchen , Hmmm .. so have to make dinner , Can make Maggi poha egg curry mutton chicken ... but its not the right time and day .. On Thursday we avoid non-veg, that's the change I observed after marriage ... before that only the appetite was the driving force for us and Achal would agree ... no day no time you just have to go and eat. Poonam was asleep so no more thoughts of her making the dinner ... So there is Nutrela and some Rice ... Prepared some how .. tastes good but water quantity increased , boiled and reduced some water ... Dinner was ready and Poonam said she would eat little , Oh my God ! was the first sentence she spoke after seeing that water driven white curry nuteral, I named it "SAFED PANNI NUTRELA" , some who eaten and I wonder we would be drinking any more water after that till morning .... Well for the information White is beacuse I forget to add Turmeric :))

Poonam went for sleep again, wonder she would be seeing lot of water and white moments in dream... I was left alone with newspaper and TV , After lot of flipping through news channel and serials I decided to watch Indian Idol , It was Indore auditions and while going the faces and dress sense even Masand sir sitting in some remote area of Europe can tell its from Indore only...I don't remember the name of that guy , but he is surely from bombay bazaar , jeans awesome only a circus girl can wear that and a shirt it was shinning like anything ... no need of light just the shirt will do and Green Green everywhere , are you listening Jairam ramesh and Pachauri ... Even Salim merchant couldn't resist to ask from where he brought this and he would like to own one. Good now Please don't wear that while the inauguration ceremony of FIFA , well Salim-Sulaiman got the privilege  of composing signature song for FIFA or I say Africa, The duo are first Indian musicians to be nominated for an Emmy Award and some corporate body associated with FIFA approached them ... The duo had some excellent 2 3 years from chak de India , fashion , Kurbann ... Now that's called globalization.

Hey, heard AR Rehman taking 5.5 crore for song that he will compose for Commonwealth , and here rises another criticism and then I am also part of it supporting... 5.5 crore is hell of money to be charged , but then he is Oscar wining composer and everyone is ready to take him for his movies ... he would give a week for India while composing the song and then management has estimated a budget of 220 crore for just the inaugural and closing ceremony. Don't know what to say about Rehman, but I think he could have been a little generous ... and could have made the HEADLINES like "REHMAN WORKS FOR FREE" !!!