29th April 2010 - REHMAN WORKS FOR FREE

Thursday .... You feel like weekend started already and Friday is just like a formality for you , So my quest of writing something and taking out my inner self has gone at good reviews and some little crirticisms , some people are listening and some are not. But I should and have to write....

Day started as usual, office was cool and summer is at its peak in Indore ... Water crisis started in Indore and a wait for good rain is in everyone's eye specially Pranab and Montek , good some fluent word and I would be master of writing , Yesterday gone through one of the blog http://khamba.blogspot.com/ and believe me it was worth reading , The person has shown his ability to write good things and on every topic , its hard to predict whether he is RIGHT or LEFT or CONGRESS one. Well I really believe CONGRESS is neither one of them ...It has its own ideology and that's by hook or crook remain in Power and think about "AAM AADMI" , so the topic is am I that "AAM AADMI" ... well I am not I am "KHAS AADMI" , I am the one on who's money these IAS, IPS and politicians servives and Rahul gandhi makes his dozen trips across India claming to be the most intellectual and the savior of India. I remember in one of his visits to JNU , students literally took his ass in hand and then he has to submit that JNU is more lefteist , well thats true but is this the answer...while giving his views in one of the school of Bangalore about what India would achieve through NPT and IAEA and class 10th student asked him the full form of IAEA , as expected Rahul said "Sorry I don't know that" ... I must say he has guts to accept that , or otherwise what he can do or say !!!

Some compilation issues were there is DB for dev and some who managed to predict that, Deepesh Ji was not well and Prakhar sir was free ... Coming the things up , everyone is in its own world and frustrated with the things going around them. Way to go Home , a visit to Doctor and some fruits vegetables shopping ... Poonam was not feeling well so I advised her to take rest , and then its my turn in kitchen ... well, I am not that good great cook ... some tips from masand sir and natoo that's all I know about kitchen , Hmmm .. so have to make dinner , Can make Maggi poha egg curry mutton chicken ... but its not the right time and day .. On Thursday we avoid non-veg, that's the change I observed after marriage ... before that only the appetite was the driving force for us and Achal would agree ... no day no time you just have to go and eat. Poonam was asleep so no more thoughts of her making the dinner ... So there is Nutrela and some Rice ... Prepared some how .. tastes good but water quantity increased , boiled and reduced some water ... Dinner was ready and Poonam said she would eat little , Oh my God ! was the first sentence she spoke after seeing that water driven white curry nuteral, I named it "SAFED PANNI NUTRELA" , some who eaten and I wonder we would be drinking any more water after that till morning .... Well for the information White is beacuse I forget to add Turmeric :))

Poonam went for sleep again, wonder she would be seeing lot of water and white moments in dream... I was left alone with newspaper and TV , After lot of flipping through news channel and serials I decided to watch Indian Idol , It was Indore auditions and while going the faces and dress sense even Masand sir sitting in some remote area of Europe can tell its from Indore only...I don't remember the name of that guy , but he is surely from bombay bazaar , jeans awesome only a circus girl can wear that and a shirt it was shinning like anything ... no need of light just the shirt will do and Green Green everywhere , are you listening Jairam ramesh and Pachauri ... Even Salim merchant couldn't resist to ask from where he brought this and he would like to own one. Good now Please don't wear that while the inauguration ceremony of FIFA , well Salim-Sulaiman got the privilege  of composing signature song for FIFA or I say Africa, The duo are first Indian musicians to be nominated for an Emmy Award and some corporate body associated with FIFA approached them ... The duo had some excellent 2 3 years from chak de India , fashion , Kurbann ... Now that's called globalization.

Hey, heard AR Rehman taking 5.5 crore for song that he will compose for Commonwealth , and here rises another criticism and then I am also part of it supporting... 5.5 crore is hell of money to be charged , but then he is Oscar wining composer and everyone is ready to take him for his movies ... he would give a week for India while composing the song and then management has estimated a budget of 220 crore for just the inaugural and closing ceremony. Don't know what to say about Rehman, but I think he could have been a little generous ... and could have made the HEADLINES like "REHMAN WORKS FOR FREE" !!!


Open letter to Ms. Sania Mirza, Mr. Shoaib Malik and Both

The best blog I have ever read and the skill of this guy is awesome ... I copied it from http://khamba.blogspot.com/ , if you ever get time a need a good laugh do read his posts .. Here is one from his collections .

Open letter to Ms. Sania Mirza

I’m pissed Sania. Pissed. For years I have tolerated your pathetic second round exits on court and not said anything in the spirit of feminism. For years I have not commented on the size of your ever increasing love handles brought on by copious amounts of biryani. For years I have heard you make an ass of yourself at press conferences and make incoherent excuses in a fake accent. For years I have told myself that my friends in Hyderabad were wrong in saying that you stank and people didn’t like sitting next to you in high school. I even supported you when then mullahs were against your dressing sense (largely because your shaking thunder thighs reminded me of the good ol days of Silk Smitha’s erotic movies) But today, alongwith 500 million other horny teenagers whose access to good looking muslim women ended with Jemima Khans posters, I say enough!

Today, I stop cheering for you at your matches. Today, I stop calling your rack as the best on the WTA circuit. Today, I stop googling “Sania Mirza sexy hot pics”. Today, I am switching to badminton and becoming a fan of Saina Nehwal. Look her up, she can be totally hot if she wants to be.

Of all the people you had to leave poor ol Mohammad Sohrab Mirza and his snazzy engagement Armani suit for – you had to go with Shoaib Malik? What is it about losers that they always end up with others of their kind? Has Fatima Bhutto ever wanted to get married to Lakshmipathy Balaji? Has Shireen Mazari ever expressed love for Shiv Shankar Menon? Did you watch Veer Zaraa one too many times? Does your family not have a copy of Lakshya at home? Is this some lameass attempt at making the “Aman Ki Asha” campaign a success? Do you realise it will infact do more damage as every Indian would get even more pissed off? Do you realise how this will only continue to reinforce the stereotype of marrying within the community? Do you know you are already being called Pakistan ki Bahu even though Sohaib Malik was never even treated like their own son? Do you realise how many visas our embassy will have to issue for his entire extended family to come down here for the ceremony? Do you realise why Shoaib Akhtar got a bout of genital warts? Do you realise Asif Ali Zardari might end up at your wedding and make cheesy-ass remarks while grinning from ear to ear? Do you realise the LeT will do a 22 gun salute in Muridke? Do you realise, your wedding might just have ONE DISH as per law in Pakistan? All that feminist bullshit and you will move because of your man to Dubai? Dubai?! Who the fuck goes to Dubai anymore? Even Mohammad Asif said fuck this – im injecting at home. As if every tom dick and harry in this country singing Atif Aslam songs in this country wasn’t bad enough. Not even the good ones.

Years of BCCI’s plans, foreign policy diktats and millions of young people’s aspirations have been broken thanks to your horny little uber-bitch move. I’m giving you one and a half years before you get pregnant and leave the sport. Anything more and I will start wearing a Barcelona jersey and keep tweeting about the UEFA champions league as if my being a supporter will make anyone give a shit.

And take that damn nose ring off – it makes you look like a total slut.

Open letter to Mr. Shoaib Malik
Dear Shoaib.

First off, let me congratulate you believing in the concept of marriage so much, that you were willing to come here and surrender your passport to the Hyderabad police. Inshallah, incase you get arrested tomorrow, you will be the second most famous Pakistani in our prisons since Ajmal Kasab. You have no idea how excited I am at the possibility of hearing Rehman Malik call you a non-state actor. Let me also express my condolences for being tricked into thinking that Sania Mirza was a Pakistani citizen. I completely understand how tricky it can be given a city of the same name also exists in your native land, and given your opinion (which you so rightly expressed after your loss to us kafirs in the 2007 T20 World Cup) that it is the only place in the world where true Muslims such as our lovely tennis starlet can live. Those extra-curricular classes with Inzamam and Yousuf Youhana turned out to be a total bitch huh?

I do want to take the time however, to give you a few pointers about life in general. I know youre from Sialkot, where a woman showing her eyes is akin to being in a Hooters bar, but there are some things which I want you to keep in mind incase you decide to venture out in the world again.

Stop using Yahoo Chat and get on Skype: Again, perhaps you didn’t hear about Skype being from a small town and all – but it’s a totally rocking piece of software where you can actually SEE the person you are talking to. Dump that Yahoo id where you play a/s/l a/s/l with everyone whose name even sounds remotely like a woman’s. And DON’T click on that id with a TV next to it! Those webcams are totally fake!

Don’t “fall in love” with someone’s pictures: Trust me when I say I find you good looking. Infact, so good looking that you have more potential than Hurman Baweja and Uday Chopra will ever have to produce a hit. Then why sell your self short like that? Women NEVER send their real pictures online. So if you want to jerk off, let me refer you to www.redtube.com – Real women, real fun! And yes, desibaba.com shut down a LONG time ago

Stop telling the media you treated Ayesha like your elder sister: Really? That you called Ayesha Siddiqui Aapa is your defence? All you are doing is giving more Philip to the stereotype that people from your country keep marrying their own cousins and sisters. So think about the consequences.

Apologise to Inzaman and make friends with Yuvraj Singh: You realise he will beat the crap out of you when he finds out the reason you weren’t performing was that you were up all night before the match sexting an Indian cross between Oprah and Ugly Betty? Make friends with Yuvraj Singh NOW and see how its done in style!

Blame it on Ijaz Butt: Seriously, if nothing else works, that will.

That said, I wish you and Sania the best of luck for your wedding. Oh and, before I finish, make sure you work out before the big night, I hear she’s a bit on the heavier side.

Final letter to Sania and Shoaib

Dear Sania

It took me a while to come to terms with the mental picture of your body being wrapped around Shoaib Mailk’s like a Roomali Roti around a Seekh Kebab, but I guess Allah ki yehi marzi thi. I will not lie and pretend I was alright. I tried drowning myself in the Yamuna but got washed ashore by a dead cow’s carcass and an illegal Commonwealth Games construction worker. I tried walking in front of a car but a BMW crashed into it before it could hit me. I tried overdosing on sleeping pills but they turned out to be counterfeit. I even tried stabbing myself with scissors, but their blades were already too blunt at years of having cut out your pictures from Sports star magazine. I guess we were never meant to be together, but I want you to know that I lull myself to sleep every night by listening to Mariah Carey’s “Always be my baby” and imagining being caressed by your oceans of bodily folds and ittar scented armpits while staring at your golf course like cheeks. In my dreams atleast, we will always be together, and you will win a match.

What did anger me was our cheap, publicity seeking media whores refusing to give you your space. Has-been excuses for women’s emancipation like Shobha De were trashing you and the only one who stood up for you was Talat Aziz. Talat Aziz! That man has not banged anything in his life except a tabla! And he was out trying to defend your raging hormones? I wish I could have been there, just to prove how much I love you. And after all that, I heard you were even losing all your endorsements. Cadburys (a company whose products you clearly love) Tata Indicom (a company whose phone you OBVIOUSLY use) Hyundai Getz (the only car your supple bubblewrapped globes can fit in) Atlas Cycles (the only thing you have perhaps not ridden) Sprite (which obviously didn’t bujhao your pyaas) Sahara India (who tricked you into thinking they manufactured bras) and TVS Scooty (whose seat you use when your ass gets itchy) all seem to be withdrawing their endorsements. And for what Sania? For following your dreams and wanting to marry the man you are rumoured to already having been married to? What kind of cruel world do we live in?

But I want you to know that as my final gesture to you, towards a love stronger than the friendship between China and Pakistan, I have already initiated contact with other companies that want you and your husband (sic) to be their brand ambassadors. Just my way of saying thanks for all the wallpapers and screensavers that satiated my teenage desires in an increasingly expensive world. Please tell your agent to contact the following:

Secondshaadi.com: I know you always loved seconds – be it biryani/ghee rice at a wedding or the round where you exited a grand slam. This site is a perfect fit for both your husband. Call them quickly though, I hear Rahul Mahajan’s agent was also trying to strike something.

IDP Australia: Sania, you and you alone can bridge the strained relations between the Indian and Australian government over attacks on our students there. IDP is the agency that promotes studies in Australia. And since Study@UK wont take you for having dumped your ex who was studying in Warwick, and met your new husband in Oz while he was doing some corporate re-structuring with the Akmal brothers, it is the perfect opportunity for you two to promote how Australia brings people together. Millions of Indian and Pakistani kids will have their faith re-instated and be able to relate to your story since they sell their land to goto that country to bang chics anyway.

Vodafone India: This one is easy. Have you noticed how Ayesha Siddiqui’s face looks like the Vodafone pug? All you need to do is convince the company to replace the pug with “Aapa”. Waise bhi she was following your husband since 2 years anyway. I doubt there is a better substitute for a network that never lets you go.

Ebay.in: Now that you will never wear any of your tennis clothes again, it’s the best time to sell them on eBay and make some money off it while you can. Even if fans can’t fit into your shirts, atleast they can cut it in half and use it as curtains. That way when the wind blows, their rooms will smell of your success.

Yash Raj Studios: Also easy since you both are the sports equivalents of role models as Uday Chopra is to Bollywood. And i'm guessing even if you both are launched as many times as him, you will have similar degrees of success. Maybe you can release a Collectors Edition Blu-Ray of Veer Zaraa. I would suggest Gadar, but I think the “hand pump” scene would mean different things to people if you two were involved.

With that, I wish you both a successful future full of happiness, relative success and liberal Muslim babies. My heart, I guess, will have to goto someone else.

Oooo. Gul Panag is on Twitter?


28th April 2010 - Come UP

So finally Block & Warn for DNS Advantage is OOQA (Out of QA) and will be deployed very soon, now some days officially off for us :) .. 28th was happening date for me , thought things hard and made conclusions, day started as usual ... some water problem so had to converse with Agarwal aunty who lives on 2nd floor and looks after the Narmada supply and boring water, she is a women who had everything to talk about and consider herself best and rest all are below par for her. Quit famous in our locality because of her ever fighting nature , her husband is best example of what a wife can demand and a girl sees in dream, he rarely speaks and that too in front of his wife forget it... I remember one incident when some fight was going on between her family and my 3rd floor family , I and Poonam were just enjoying the Sunday fight ... Agarwal aunty at the heat of discussion told her husband to shut up and go in the house and don't come back , he obeyed her and quietly went in house ... Oh my God ! did some laughed at the scene, well me and Poonam laughed a lot. Some women just are too much , they might want to take control , that's Ok .. but why to insult her husband like this.

Water problem sorted out , and I went straight to my house as its impossible for me to get involve in this bakwas of that lady. Office was bit rush, Rajesh sir , Vikas ji and Deepesh ji were busy in giving OOQA ... and I along with Saurabh were just seeing and observing them , although Saurabh was busy with his presentation part. Went with deepak sir and yuvraj for lunch and enjoyed a lot. Deepak Sir is also "CHICKEN CRAZY" like me and reminds me of one my college mate Roshan Joshi ... both have same surname and loves chicken like anything. Way to office was heavy as it was heavy lunch for us....

Evening went in taking a interview of one candidate along with Rajesh sir and prakhar sir , although I was just there to take an idea about how it gets conducted and what else a company requires, that was a tough call from my side because I ended my realizing that half of the question were bouncer for me. But then he was C C++ guy and I am open source one, and my way of giving Interview is different from rest of the guy. I believe if your knowledge is limited along with education its better to give your best shot in bakar , for which I can held interviewer aghast. Yes, take the interviewer for a rosy ride , speak about urself, project make diagrams tell everything that you experienced and learned non stop... I agree that can only happen when you give face to face interview , but then you have a brilliant chance of convincing interviewer that Yes you are the person he is looking for ... Chalo, I have that good quality in me at least , a confidence to break any interview .

Home was cool, wonder it was self realization that made it cool or just Air in me :) , TV and paper are filled with stuff ...Politics and Bureaucracy , From Mayawati enjoying in UP on behalf of CBI and Government helping her for what her party did to them during Cut Motions , Manmohan Singh avoiding Parliamentary sessions off course because he has no answer to rising prices, IPL and fuel prices, A mole in Indian services and that too a "SINGLE WOMAN" I wonder what motivated her : money , power or love , some MCI  director caught taking bribe , An IPS officer arrested for Sohrabdin murder (earlier it was encounter) , Sibhu soren ditching NDA and losing Jharkhand for that ... no worries he will get congress support for what he did in Cut Motions, Mulayam and Lalu on unknown path and don't know what to do ...

Reading newspaper make me avoid those serials, but at the end I think its better to watch serials as former make me depress. One more thing regarding that Monday slowdown in life I think its gone for some other time to "COME UP".


27th April 2010 - Oranized Sector

Happy to see some good comments from Sumit ,Masand Sir and lately Rajesh Sir on my previous post. I agree with Masand Sir that passions and hobbies can't be build in one day and it takes year to accumulate. I am thinking about the Rajesh Sir comments, is that true or just a phase ...waise I am sure I will get through it as it happens every month for 2 3 days...and when things get busy I forget everything ...so the key is to get "BUSY" , Rajesh ji has solution to every answer and problem .. Thanks sir , for your some wise words. It might help !!! Tuesday was normal , finally got my money from Builder and one tension is over finally :)

Well Monday hangover is still there but as they say life teaches and redirect you elsewhere. Office was cool and everyone was dull , Suruchi facing some problem in office listened it and suggested some points to her. All IT industry is facing same problem and the solution is only one make IT as "ORGANIZED SECTOR" ... that's the best thing which I can expect from Indian Government and it will help a lot. People are working like anything and the salary they are getting is just below par. Take a case of my junior , he is working in Atos for about 2 years and seen a increment in salary of 1200 Rs , and this year a increment of 1400. so total for 3 years he will be working for 22600 Rs in Pune and exp level is 3 years. But no concession in work , he is working on a major release and that too 14 15 hours daily , coming on weekends and people whom he must look for examples like TL and PM are just stating at home and directing to do this and that. What he can do , working the only option, company name is good but what he is achieving ... In near 3 years of his career he is frustated with his work and life. This is the side effect of It revolution is India and no one is talking about it , "NO ONE"...

Way to home was early was Poonam not feeling well , spent some time with her before the serials started airing in my house. Season 5 started for Indian Idol , I think it was the first reality show in Indian television and Season 1 was huge hit ... this time around also if you count the man head that are participating you will wonder do people have anything else to do ... actually they all are running for fame and money ...  quality singers are rare... Judges in that show are also unique . one is anu malik who's original compositions are rare and other is Sunidhi , I like the quality of her voice and versatility which she possess , a Product of DD 1 reality show "MERI AWAZ SUNO" , sorry this one was first reality show ... but it doesn't involved voting or something like that .. judges were sole deciders.

 Bhai is not coming for family get together as he is serving his notice period and nor for "PUJA" , but he would be getting a 23 day break before joing IBM ... looking forward to see him and its always a soothing and good feeling from within to see a person who is your brother and partner for nearly 20 years.


26th April 2010 - Something is Missing

My Monday started on very low note , as Rajesh Sir said about "Mid Life Crisis" and I am already feeling it and that too on higher volume. That's the worst feeling I can tell you , your thoughts would center on yourself and your achievements and if there are none, then GOD will help !! Have you watched that Tata Manza ad saying "Something is missing" exactly the same happens whatever you do and see your mind will say "Something is missing" ....

Well the office was as usual , Yuvraj arrived from Noida , surly he wants to have some fun with Indore Team .. Good lively person, blend of modern touch with brain. Have to take some money from builder and whole day I made some good 5 6 calls and finally he said the money would be given on some other day ... Thought of lossing the money made me shiver from top to bottom , on positive note I know nothing bad will happen , but then is it worth to believe in people that too builders. But I have to....

Was thinking about a talk with Achal sometime ago, India is in crisis and the major reason for it is "IAS and IPS" officers ... I agree and examples can be seen in newspaper , this country needs a major break from these people. But what to do , make them realize they are civil servants , make them totally  accountable , Revamp whole structure from recruiting to training till posting, strip them with powers and make there work judged by people. There are lot of things to be done and little time for them.

Evening was pleasant although morning thoughts were not gone and even the smiling face of Poonam didn't help... Talked with sister-in-law and she told that my father-in-law is coming for the "PUJA" which I would be doing on 21st June for my House. Had a talk with mausi also , she is worried and very busy ... Vibhu has done with the entrance exams and she is not at all positive about his sons result, told her about CET and if he is little above average its a good option.Not many people are aware of it outside MP and it helps All India Ranking for other states. Just Like me !!!


Very Interesting facts!

Christianity آ….One Christ, One Bible Religionآ
But the Latin Catholic will not enter Syrian Catholic Church.
These two will not enter Marthoma Church .
These three will not enter Pentecost Church .
These four will not enter Salvation Army Church.
These five will no enter Seventh Day Adventist Church .
These six will not enter Orthodox Church.
These seven will not enter Jacobite church.

Like this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone for Christianity,
Each will never share their churches for fellow Christians!
How shameful..! One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova???
Now Muslims..! One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi....! Great unity?
Among Muslims, Shia and Sunni kill each other in all the Muslim countries.
The religious riot in most Muslim countries is always between these two sects.
The Shia will not go to Sunni Mosque.
These two will not go to Ahamadiya Mosque.
These three will not go to Sufi Mosque.
These four will not go to Mujahiddin mosque.
Like this it appears there are 13 castes in Muslims.
Killing / bombing/conquering/ massacring/. .. Each other !
The American attack on Iraq was fully supported by all the Muslim countries surrounding Iraq !
One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi....????
Hindus -
They have 1,280 Religious Books, 10,000 Commentaries, more than 100,000 sub-commentaries for these foundation books, innumerable presentations of one God, variety of Aacharyas, thousands of Rishies, hundreds of languages.
Still they all go to All other TEMPLES and they are peaceful and tolerant and seek unity with others by inviting them to worship with them whatever God they wish to pray for!
Hindus never quarreled one another for the last ten thousand years in the name of religion.

23 - 24 and 25th , Long to write Less thoughts !

So Monday is here, Last three days was so-so ... Nothing very specific happened and just now seen how people changes and really forget things easily, well that's another part of the story doesn't want to be its part. Everyone has right to be happy and I am no-one to make them sad ... Sorry if that HURTS you ....

Friday was ok one for me had a good chat with father over phone and watched DID with poonam , as usual final result was not as per our expectations. Dharmesh Sir lost and I wonder the person who was at the top for 5 straight weeks voted by people only . Got lost in finals , hmmm statisticians mathematicians all should have noted this. I am strongly in favor of RTI in private firms and undertakings , atleast things would be more transparent and happy for the indiviuals. May be a restrictaion of one or two could do but still part of it would help. Went to doctor with Poonam and done some shopping of fruits and vegetables. For me that's also a shopping ...

Saturday morning went with Narendra to see how my house is shaping up, well told builder that 15th may would be the date when I want all the things to be in place. Work is under tremendous pressure and people are all coming to live in there dream house. Evening match between RCB and DC was the worst in IPL history ... DC could have saved time and money if they have said after TOSS , you won I loss ... lets go Home.

Sunday was the big fight day for me...and Achal also joined us for the match and dinner, good to see friends like them rarely changes and are part of my life , Satta market was favoring MI , and people also...But things went out differently , batting second in finals is not that easy unless you are an Australian Team and have that professional players with them. Some drop catches , damn Zaheer Khan and Nayyar , then a length delivery over by zaheer, when the hell Indian bowlers will learn to bowl good overs in slog ? A total of 168 was never easy but MI have potentials and Sachin did what he can do best, 48 runs with 5 stitches in hand .... but younger lot let the MI down , Tiwary didn't learn what Sachin told ... a wrong decision for Harbhajan and Pollard carried away ... Cup was lifted and elevated but by CSK. A sad night sleep. everytime this happens and my 3 4 days are worse ... M I that emotional ???

Sachin proud of you ... you are still number 1. waiting for champions league !!!


April 22nd 2010 - Just Another day !

Thursday was the laziest day, really did nothing constructive nor anything exciting to write... Day started as usual Office was usual ...Back to home was usual ... Yeah paid my electricity bill and that's one satisfaction. Watched DC Vs CSK and match was too boring and lack of energy from both sides ... I wonder what the Indians are going to do in T20 world cup ... apart from Harbhajan, Raina none of them is playing good or showing any talents. Yesterday was the Day when you can say Dhoni found his saviour in Bollinger and Yeah Field placing was very good. Sad to hear that Sachin's got a 8 days of rest and will be testing that if he can handle the bat while batting .. Hope he plays the Final , its his birthday also ... his only presence will make the team full of energy and confidence.

Got to see the picture of harbhajn lifting nita ambani , posting here :

Sorry Nitaji, but this pic is worth a click and paste in any blog.

So the end ended and the title remains "JUST ANOTHER DAY"


April 21st 2010 - Mumbai Indians ROCK !

I wonder what am I going to write the title when Mumbai Indians lift the cup for IPL 2010 , may be "Lifted and Elevated the IPL". Oh yaar ! yesterday was the day when along with harbhajan I really enjoyed being the supporter of MI (althought harbhajan enjoyed a liitle more then me ) I could have only lifted Poonam :) .

So the Day started with a phone call from father-in-law querying about the trains, call was at 7 in morning.. his day starts at 6 and at 7 he was taking his breakfast. People in small towns still stick to there routine of 6am to 8pm. So it was like a early start for my routine also. While parking my bike , guard who incidentally is from UP and finds a UP Bhaiya in me also inquired about the trains ... I thought may be its the start of my "Train" Day. No seats available was the status for all the search I was doing , Bhopal - Gorakhpur, Bhopal - Mughalsarai, Bhopal - Deoria, Ujjain - Varanasi , Indore - Mughalsarai, Indore - Varanasi, Kota - Gorakhpur, Kota - Varanasi, Kota - Basti all were full, wonder how many trains will we be needing in coming future to accommodate summer rush. So many trains but no seats available. So now you go by tatkal only or give money to agents who some how have seats available in all trains AC , Sleeper you just tell the name and they have with them. Office was bit slow , wonder it was summer or just people need break. It was all so quiet. Had discussion with Deepak sir about the car I should take also with Rajesh sir , now the confusion level has incraesed ... but my long funda of life got cleared , every one is unique and and has own way of living and dealing with people and there problems.

Some say go for cars so that after 4 years also you don't look for change , forget about the EMI .. some say study your current requirements and then go for the car to suit your current budget. Final question was do I really require a car ?? Well, I do ... after all bike doesn't server my all purpose , when parents are there or some relatives I got dependent on auto or cab services which is costly and restrict me also. I consider alto will do but long journey and comfort may be sidelined ... so confusion exists , but I have time Aug / Sept would be the month for me to finalize and get one.

Finally bhai, accepted the offer and placed the resignation in infosys. His TL who happens to be his Senior from college , doesn't want him to go and offered a sales job in singapore for infosys. Pity, he doesn't know bhai left merchant navy to be with family and he is offering him  a overseas job. Brother said plane "NO" ...

Got PHP-GTK link back from bookmarks and thus quest to know more about the power of PHP starts , now I will learn how to do applet coding with PHP as a desktop software. "HAIL PHP"....

Way to home was energy full after all its MI Vs. RCB ... and also break from serials ... fortunately for me Poonam is also supporting MI so no ladai jhagda for us. MI did a best you can expect from a team in Semi's and they won , alas a sign of relief but now Final is what i am waiting for and a good wining knock from Sachin will make my month.M I over obsessed with Sachin , the answer is "YES"..

A call from mom and a diet plan for Poonam is ready , hope she obeys it although the chances are bleak.Mom was happy for bhai and she echoed that he is coming on 14th May so do I and then we will have a family get together after a long time...


April 20th 2010 - Just Another day !

So my quest to do something is still at large and the blogs are just letting it to pouch more. Tuesday was quite day , wrote blog , studied and tried to implement some thing new for MVC and API...
Subh Kuch Khas nahi thi just filled some points for my apprisal form and guessed was it just necessary to do so ... different companies are opting different techniques to rate there employees and this process is just not happening ... come on HR people need to so something extra ordinary ... why not junior people give rating to senior people as it happens vice versa ... and why to fill form when things are pre decided , I just hate this show off , one single session and it might get over saving time for both the person ... This was your weakness this was your strength , would like to see this thing improving in you ... write it down and track it next year ...
Pata nahi yaar , I have little knowledge about all this , may be HR is doing what others are doing and thats the best way ... But the key is "TRANSPARENCY"...
Well this is what office life is all about and as they say , you can't make everyone "HAPPY" .. way to home was soothing ... still searching for my original electricity bill , got the duplicate one but kept it as another option. Poonam was at home only she left the dancing classes now ... typical Gemini got bored after doing 4 month of classes , now she needs a break and anything else more interesting ...
Talked with Bhai , he got offer from IBM and most likely he is saying yes and will be in pune after 3 month ... more near to me and also accessible , wonder why he is not finding peace in his life ... finally its the point for him to get settled ... i will try my best to pursue him for doing so ... but other complications are there ... he has done his merchant navy , sailed for about a year .. returned and joined infosys .. worked there , went australia ... tried his hand in GMAT .. and now this IBM thing ... Pray to god that finally he gets settled and find peace in his life ... I am much worried for bhai , but not able to convey or do anything for him .. some time i wonder am i that helpless for my only brother.
Day ended rather sad for me , thinking about Bhai and all the past craps ... yeah watched "LAPATAGANJ" , enjoyed seeing that and "FIR" ... atleast poonam is also happy watching these serials ... Dineer was good ,  poonam made "BHARWA TINDA" my mom speciality which she is opting fast and good.
Now a sound sleep after heavy dinner is must ... missed my ciggi after heavy dinner ..


April 19th 2010 - Just Another day !

These days I am really trying something to keep me occupied and like to carry my journey of writing blogs ,which i think would tell how's my life is going around and what stupid things I am doing .... yesterday was just another day , waise its always just another day...
Got up at same time , did my regular things .. poonam was not feeling well so did some advice work also ..eat this don't eat this , now a days she is not at all listening to me and had messed up with her diet which i think is causing her a problem. Next was regular office work , as my electricity bill was lot so I searched on net to take out the dupliacate bill which i found out on : http://www.mpwz.org/ may be it would be helpful for indore ujaain region people.
As days progresses I enhanced my knowledge on API and MVC which i think would take little longer for me to grasp and act. Impetus needs freshers and i wonder what they would do with them ... i have some people and did something good by forwarding a resume of one Anubhav Simplote . to talk about simlote uncle and there family reminds me of the ever smiling face of uncle and down to earth aunty ... lovely family and its honour , pleasure to be associated with them .. hope anubhav gets selected , not only good for them but also satisfy my "kida" of doing something for people and society.
Well day was going to end very soon , forgot poonam told me to get hair cut ... monday is safe day to get hair cut ... i hav time on sat and sunday but sat is the day you are not supposed to get hair cut and sunday long queue will make you to avoid that cut , so weekdays are better options . Don't want to be the part of the discussion why sat is not for hair cut , done that with mom dadi nani and certainly not with wife... something you do just for satisfying people's ego or you can say for there happiness.
Last watched the match between KKR and MI , boring match without Sachin i think its sin for me to watch cricket. Poonam was happy she got to see some serials like "BANDINI, DO HANSO KA JODA, PAVITRA RISHTA, 12/24 KAROL BAGH" , yes man i know all these names and do watch also ... Pat on me and will be awarded nobel soon ...
Night is bit cool some demolishing work going on in front of house , watched it before saying bad things about people and government ... finally a good night sleep for just another day .....